A Pause For Reflection:

How Love Can Lose It’s Way: Emotions Matter

From the Shallow to the Deep End of Love: How EFT Guides to the Deep April 24, 2019 • By Shantel Daniels, M.A. Our culture has taught us to label showing emotion as “being emotional”. To label a desire for love as “desperation”. To label a need to be loved as “being needy”. It’s no wonder that knowing what toContinue reading “How Love Can Lose It’s Way: Emotions Matter”


FEAR… There is A Different Between Feeling Fear & Letting Fear Rule Inside of You. Fear is an alarm. An awakening. It can quickly turn to panic. A response we simply cannot ignore.  Our body won’t let us, and our mind, emotional, and physical systems won’t keep it a secret that we are facing aContinue reading “FEAR:”

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