When It Comes to Your Love Story, You Decide To Keep Creating It….

2020 was hurtling.  You and your relationship were challenged in ways that you may have never known, and you have probably discovered more differences than ways to move past them. That means you need more practical and effective ways to repair problematic areas between you.

This time between you can be looked at in many ways, although what matters most is how to gain perspective and ways to engage in conversation to reach resolution and repair for an important love you share. And to get there with care so that the love between you is increased and strengthened, our collaboration with be need. Your account of your experiences matters.

How do you take the hardness of this past year (and perhaps others) that challenged the flow of communication and love between you, and make sense of the roadblocks that kept you off balance? Facing the dilemmas helps us develop the kind of relationship that leaves us able to rely on one another and wanting more time together.

Most couples are not the same people they were when starting out in their relationship. Time changes us all. And more fully opening up conversation about limitations to your love can be what frees you to the most satisfying and creative love life that you have known.  An emotional connection matters. If anything you have had some setbacks, and have seen other couples experience them too. What makes you stand out is that both of you are fighters, you persist to overcome and this leads to action you take to make life better and each other a priority.  You push through and have a willingness to keep learning about one another and how you can find the kind of support that can help you turn the tide and land on together.

Clients I work with are usually no stranger to hard work in their professional life or putting in the work to face obstacles. And they are often interested in finding practical solutions to challenges in their love life. Like you, they want to be assured that as time passes, they will grow together, not apart. Although this time in history has felt like a barrage of bricks thrown through the window of your entire life, I am here to help you pick up and fortify your love. I can show you the path to break through and take what separates you and use it to strengthen the bond between you. It is possible to stop disconnection from growing, and secure your love and love story.

The real destroyers of relationship success remains hidden, couples often get stuck repeating the same patterns that either end relationships, or cause them to struggle much longer than they need to, often robbing you of love and connection…HERE’S THE SOLUTION: Emotionally Focused Therapy. This is the therapy I am trained in to help clients build a stronger emotional connection and strengthen your love.

Article about Emotionally Focused Therapy: From the Shallow to the Deep End of Love: How EFT Guides to the Deep

The Solution For Couples:

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP AND SEE HOW OUR CONVERSATIONS CAN UNCOVER STUMBLING BLOCKS IN YOUR LOVE LIFE AND OPEN THE DOOR TO EMOTIONAL INTIMACY. By Our 5th session, You will understand what has been getting in the way of the communication and affection, and on a path to building an emotional connection. Once you discover the barriers to your loving connection, you will be well on your way to your relationship goals. It is possible to access your words and land them clearly on your partners ears. You do not have to be without the ability to repair and strengthen your love. You can get back to enjoying life and love together. Let me help you get there.

FIND THE PATH BACK TO THE AFFECTION AND SEXUAL CONNECTION YOU NEED. Emotional disconnection and lack of affection are the flashing red lights that a relationship is in trouble. I work closely with my clients to increase emotional safety between them and help clients get to more vulnerable moments between them. A loving Bond and intimacy can surely bloom in these conditions when there is an expert to guide you there. Our collaboration in these conversations can help you discover how disconnection grows. And couples learn to take the kinds of risks that empowers them to be open to the affection that can surface in these moments and learn to access this intimacy more consistently.

FIND YOUR VOICE AND UNIFY. You will see why me telling you what to say is not key to your relationship healing. You will also see why YOUR WORDS and EXPERIENCES and UNDERSTANDING of your partners words and EXPERIENCES will give you a NEW way of understanding how you can find your way through moments of miscommunication and misunderstanding and to the kind of understanding that can help you day by day to handle stresses that you face. I will teach you how to tear down the walls between you and help your words find their landing in your partners heart.

The Solution For Singles:

You know when you struggle to feel like more of who you are is accessible, yet its often difficult to know how to get out of your own way and get more deeply connected to yourself in a way that is more needful for your life moving forward. Perhaps you’ve been hard on yourself and think there’s no path out of the black or white spaces that hold you there feeling unaccomplished and afraid or more disconnected than visible and considered by others valuable enough to be in relationship with.

We often struggle to know where to put these disruptive and hurtful stories and experiences inside of us, wondering if they matter and who would they would matter to. And you may wonder who can help you use what happened in your life to break free to the life, relationships, and adventures that align themselves with who you really know you can be. I can help guide you to a more confident place and help you see new possibilities for your future. Let me help you get to your happy place and find the life and love you deserve.