Are You Tired of Feeling Uncertain And At A Loss For The Right Words To Say?
Are You Wishing For Better Connection?

DIY looks something like this

Talking for hours and finding no resolution

Looking on Youtube and magazines for answers

Buying gifts and going places to fill up the time and space to create the illusion of happiness

Scouring The Pages Of Cosmo For Tips And Tricks To Hot Sex And Good Lovin'

Crushing it looks like this

Building An Emotional Connection That Fuels Every Part Of Your Life

Having Communication That Excites and Invites Connection & Honesty

Realizing Your Full Potential As A Couple and living A life full of trust, feeling secure

Holding Each Other Close Without Distance Between You

now it's your time to shine

Get ready to...

1.   Communicate and Be Heard

2. See What's Really Been Causing    Distance Between You

3. Get Closer and Get Back to The Fun And Play

4. Own Your Relationship Story Instead of Letting Conflict Write An Unhappy Ending

There is every reason in the world to take care of you and if you're in a relationship, there's good reason to make it the safest and most loving place there is. Home is where the heart is, and if you can become your most secure and authentic self, it makes loving that much easier. Let's get started on designing the you your life needs and the kind of relationship that not only gives you the feels, it makes you priority and the keeper you were meant to be.

In Short, I'm a Couples Therapist Committed to Your Relationship Goals. Let's get started Today on creating the life and love you have longed for.


"You Have An Exceptional Gift To Impact Couples"

"The presenter over delivered her time which was appreciated. We are a non-conventional couple and that aspect of our relationship was taken into consideration. One of the main takeaways is that we have decided to give our relationship a chance. After several years of going back we made a decision to give US a chance. We have always loved each other and we are committed to making our love grow. We are communicating better than ever and loving each other daily, and we would surely recommend Shantel and this workshop."

Demetria & Obinna

"Duuuude! I was just thinking about the workshop and how much it’s helped us. What an incredible way to start off our marriage! We don’t “fight” often, but when we do, we feel safe and secure in the midst of it. I’ve never felt closer to my wife then when we apply the lessons we’ve learned from Shantel (:"

Dusty D

""Thank you again for helping us begin this new journey in our relationship. Now we have the tools to do the work. I feel so much more hopeful for our relationship in the future"  


Ben & Paisley  G.

The answer to Doing great things

Couples Therapist and Emotional Health Coach/Specialist

When you get connected to the right support and come ready to use it, the possibilities are endless to how much change can take place.


Sounds good. I'm ready

All the details

This is how it goes down.

You Will Get A Thorough Signature Assessment

Your History Matters

+ History Shapes Us
+ Culture Can Drive Us & Expose you To Beautiful and Harmful Experiences
+ The Insight And Knowledge You Bring To Our Experience is Valuable 

It's A Collaboration, Not A One-Sided Relationship

We Work Together

+ We Will Slow Down And Learn About You  & You As A Couple
+ Identify The Habits and Practices That Pull You Away From Each Other
+ And You Will Learn How To Stop What Separates You & Create Healthy Love  

Coming Soon...
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Let Me Introduce Myself & How I Help Couples 

+ Find Out In This 2 Minute video How I Help couples Restore A Loving Connection 
+ Discover The 2 Biggest Indicators Your Relationship Is In Trouble
+ Let Me Introduce You To Couples Therapy And Workshops. 

Total Value Price: Priceless

Early Registration Now Open For  April 23-24, 2022  In Person Workshop 
Culver City, CA ) 
$1164 - Commitment Renewal , Lunch & Snacks Included

Yep your eyes are seeing that correctly.
Now is your time to shine.

We're ready to Begin

Limited To 10 Couples 

New friend. 

I'm Shantel, and I'm happy  you're here.

A Couples Therapist Committed to Your Relationship Goals

Couples Counseling by a Compassionate Relationship Coach

Are you ready to build a stronger relationship and improve communication with your partner?
Relationship expert Shantel Daniels LMFT is here to help you get the couples counseling you need to get your relationship back on track. 

Dating Coach

You deserve someone to love! If you need dating help, Shantel Daniels can help you become healthier on the inside and sharpen your ability to pick a compatible partner.

Virtual Coaching

Work with a caring relationship coach from anywhere! Shantel Daniels hosts a variety of virtual couples workshops designed to help you work with your partner as part of a team.

Why Choose Shantel Daniels?

Shantel Daniels is a licensed marriage and family therapist with years of experience. She works closely with her clients to help them build the tools and inner peace they need to move beyond past pain and build more fulfilling relationships.

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I've been there and done that.
Now I support people like you who want...

To Stand In Love Rather Than Flail In A Relationship that feels stale and disorienting

To Learn how to break the barriers that come between you

To Open up the lines of communication and the floodgates of secure love

To discover your hidden pathways that make you irresistable to one another

To make your relationship stronger than ever by igniting a emotional connection unlike any other

To learn how to clear the way to love and connection and put a stop to old habits that create conflict, Frustration & Distance

This Practice Support No Kid Hungry

Experienced Workshop Facilitator

Highly Recommended

They found success, and so can you.

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We just don't know how to thank you for this experience.  Couples Therapy was one of the hardest things we did, and we only look back now to see how far we have come.  You didn't give up on us and we didn't either, and we are so thankful that we didn't. Love feels so different between us now, and although we had to work for it, the work was one of our best accomplishments yet. Thank you Shantel.

"WOW!! We still can't believe what a difference this weekend made for us. We feel the best we ever have. And I still can't believe how much we opened up to each other after all these years. This was life-changing for us. Thank you for what you do Shantel. We loved being a part of the workshop."

“We didn’t realize what was really hurting us..."
“We absolutely feel closer. Since the workshop we haven't had any funky moments, and that's a huge win for us. There were times that we could pick at something really small, even just once a day. But since the workshop, we are very focused at making this work a habit. “
Michelle M.

Ben G.

"I want to express how thankful we are to you. As a result of our session, I'm back living at our place and we are really committed to each other and working through this. There is a lot of love in this marriage and it meant so much what you gave to us."

Still undecided?

Maybe these Qs and As will clear things up.

Worried it's too late to repair  your love? 

Couples Who wish for things to get better but put in no effort only fool themselves into believing that time will heal their wounds and feelings of disconnection.  The truth is, it is only too late to repair your relationship if you say it is.  If you are ready to see what the possibilities are to strengthen your love, I am ready to help you.  The work you do can pay off  when you understand better what has been drawing a wedge between you.

Can Singles & Couples Benefit From The Workshops  You Offer? 

Yes and Yes. Whether you are in a relationship or not, you can benefit from the workshops I offer. I offer Singles and couples workshops and singles who are preparing for a relationship or who are in the early dating stages of a relationship can attend with a friend and find out before you enter into a relationship where you need more emotional support. Better understand relationship missteps, so you don't continue to waste valuable time, ending up further from your life than living it.

Who Sees The Quickest Results?  Couples Who Put In The Work Often See The Best Results

Couples Counseling or Relationship Coaching can make a difference even from the first session. And yet, the work couples do in and out of sessions matters tremendously as well as a couples motivation. The time you need to heal and work through what has impacted you is important for me to acknowledge and make room for.  My exclusive focus will be on you and your partner and what you need in each moment, and we will take time to respond. And along the way in our work, you will receive supportive handouts and exercises at key moments that support your success.  They can often add to the progress you experience. Results vary from couple to couple, yet couples who get the most from sessions are couples that stay long enough and put in the work week to week or over the course of a weekend workshop.

Does Thinking About Opening Up A Conversation Throw You Into A Panic Mode? 

It's normal to feel met with fear and even anxiety when you think about opening up a conversation about your relationship on your own or even with a therapist.  And you might still saying something you don't mean quite the way it was said. My training and experience as a couples therapist has me poised for those moments, and even if things do get hairy, together we can work through even the toughest moments and seek for you to find your voice and understanding.

Should I Start With Couples Therapy Or take The Workshop

I usually invite couples in for a first and perhaps second session to evaluate where they are as a couple and to get a picture of your relationship.  A lot of couples can benefit from the couples workshop I offer.  Other couples can often find that the workshop can compliment couples therapy beautifully. We keep the conversation and options open as I provide my best recommendation.  You decide what offering I have is best for you.

My promise to you.

Although as a therapist, we can't make guarantees, what I promise you is that you will have my full attention and my best efforts.  The couples and singles I work with become very important to me.  I feel their pain and struggle and I turn toward it, not away. I will show up for you in a way that may feel stunning to you. You will know that I am listening. And as a result, the effort you and I put in, can potentially help set your relationship free to it's greatest potential and you on a course to being the best version of yourself with loving well taking priority. 

Don't Walk Away From (The Chance To Make  A  More Fulfilling Relationship and Physical Connection A Reality)

We're ready to begin

You've  Made It this Far