My name is Shantel Daniels, and I help women and couples find their way through the tricky waters of love,  relationships, and painful experiences .  I specialize in helping people get to the other side of their pain and relationships, find more understanding, and become more connected within themselves and in their relationships. I walk with you through them in a way that is most helpful to you and what you are experiencing.

If you’re alive, chances are, you’re either facing some kind of challenge or coming out of one.  You’re either facing it alone or in the company of people in your life that may or may not be helpful to you in it.  You’re hurting, and have been for some time now, only you try to hide it or minimize what you’re going through, yet when you’re alone, you really feel the weight of what you are under.

We’re not meant to go through some  of the hardest times in our lives alone, or are even expected to rely solely on ourselves to move through some of the most soul sucking moments of our lives without someone there.

You have been looking for someone to help you make it through one of the hardest times in your life and unburden yourself while at the same time feel heard and understood in a way you may have never known before.

Someone to really listen to what you have experienced and know ow to help you through it.  You need someone to help you lighten your emotional load and help you break free from the weight whats happened to you and be with you as you heal.  Judgment and criticism aside.

Compassion and empathy present. You get to have the assurance that someone cares about your pain and how you have fought so hard to function in the middle of it.  You refuse to give up, yet you still need help getting to the other side of your tremendous pain and to the life and relationships you deserve and can trust.

I can help.  Give me a call or email me here and schedule your first appointment and I will respond to you with a returned call within 2-4 hours.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #105374


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