My name is Shantel Daniels, and I help women of color and couples find their way through the rough waters of love,  relationships, and unique cultural experiences

. I also counsel individuals dealing with depression, grief and loss, and those suffering from dissatisfaction in their career and spiritual life.

I imagine that you’ve tried everything you can think of, but you still can’t seem to get things going.

You’re looking for a therapist who listens in order to understand what you truly mean.  Someone who’s straightforward and uncomplicated.

A therapist who can relate to you culturally and relationally, and who gets your experience.

You’ve searched YouTube and Google and sorted through the endless profiles on Psychology today, but now they all seem the same.

Please take some time to read my background and my philosophy of therapy.

My hope is that you find exactly what you’re looking for here.

I try to make the process of therapy easy and convenient for busy professionals, with early morning, afternoon, and evening appointment times, downloadable paperwork, and the ability to send a message through my secure page.

Give me a call or click on the start here button above and schedule your first appointment. I’d love to help you get started today.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #105374


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