Relationship In Trouble? Let’s Get Your Love Life Back On Track

You have Love to share with a partner and my job is to help you get the enjoyment and affection back in relationship that is important to you. Let me help you get there. Schedule Your Free 20 Minute Consultation.


An Individual Having A Hard Time Moving Toward The Life You Dream About? Let’s Get You On The Path To The Life That Excites You

You have gifts and love to share that are hard to get too and my job is to help you create a life that you feel good about and develop the kinds of relationship you feel valued in and excited about being a part of. Let me help you get there. Schedule Your Free 20 Minute Consultation.

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Learn to Develop a Safe, Secure and Enjoyable Relationship That Can Weather The Storms With Your Spouse Or Partner  And Through The Anxiety And Worries That Impact You In Your Life Now. Investing In Your Relationship And Each Other Now Can Make All The Difference. The Possibilities To Heal The Hurts Between You Are Endless.


  • Develop The keys to creating a secure, affectionate, and happy relationship with a strong bond now.
  • Re-kindle the attraction and excitement in your relationship and feel more like a lover than roommate?
  • Imagine being able to talk to your partner and share all of your feelings
  • Take The Conflict that has been dividing you and use it to create healthier, more satisfying conversations
  • Learn how to resolve and repair infidelity issues
  • Learn how to develop trust between you start the journey toward  a future where you’re growing together
  • What if you could get to the bottom of disagreements & not feel so alone?
  • Find out how to Prioritize your each other and building a relationship that nourishes you both
  • Learn how to rely on one another and develop clear and open communication
  • Move past frustration and upset and and get back to enjoying each other more

Seeking the right kind of help is the key to understanding what’s really getting in the ways of enjoying each other more.

Couples I work with who have doubts about their relationship learn to understand each other much better and feel equipped to handle the conflicts that create distance. They also begin to understand what’s been standing in the way of them feeling the love and interest they felt when they first met. I hear things like, “Now my partner feels like the person I remember, and now so do I” Let me walk through this important time with you and help you get to a more secure and connected love.   Schedule and appointment now.

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  • Conquer feelings of  overwhelmed, sadness, or anxiety and on a path to more stability and clarity in your life
  • Solve the mystery to those recurring problems and resolve unresolved grief and loss
  • Develop more confidence in your ability to make important decisions and start taking charge of your life
  •  Isolated and alone and need support and someone to champion with you through this difficult time?
  • Having difficulty learning how to work through what injured you emotionally and embrace what makes you unique and different?
  • Get to that creative genius inside and learn how to fully embrace the confidence in your talents
  • Learn how to find strength where you feel insecurity and let me walk with you through this isolating time
  • Are you a man wondering how to be in a relationship without always looking for an exit?
  • Are you a woman seeking partnership & more loving relationships, looking to clarify your relationship needs?
  • Want to make good decisions and resolve people pleasing practices?
  • Looking to free yourself from past hurts and dilemmas and on to a life where you feel hopeful and empowered?
  • Have you been impacted by race and cultural challenges and looking for a safe place to work through  traumas?

Seeking the right kind of help is the key to building the trust and confidence to take your next step toward creating the life that you want.

Finding someone to talk to who gets you, speaks your language, and also offers concrete steps to help you gain a new sense of direction isn’t always easy to find. I want you to know that true happiness is attainable when you are willing to face the issues that are standing in your way. My goal is to be your mirror and help you see what you can’t see on your own so you can be the best version of yourself. Let me help you find the keys to your best life. Schedule an appointment now.

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Shantel Daniels, MA
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.
Helping you prosper in your relationships and your life
Using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
Earned Masters in Education & Psychology at Pepperdine University

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