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Learn to Develop a Safe, Secure and Enjoyable Relationship That Can Weather The Storms With Your Spouse Or Partner  And Through The Anxiety And Worries That Impact You In Your Life Now.

Find the happiness and fulfillment you deserve.


  • Want the attraction and excitement back in your relationship?
  • Tired of having the same arguments over and over again?
  • Trying to resolve and repair infidelity issues?
  • Wondering if it’s possible to trust again?
  • Questioning if you should stay or leave?
  • Talking through the importance of Race, Culture, or Navigating a Bi-racial Relationship?
  • Navigating the nuances of a pre-marital relationship, Wanting to work out areas of conflict?

Seeking the right kind of help is the key to understanding what’s really getting in the ways of enjoying each other more.

Couples I work with who have doubts about their relationship learn to understand each other much better and feel equipped to handle the conflicts that create distance. They also begin to understand what’s been standing in the way of them feeling the love and interest they felt when they first met. I hear things like, “Now my partner feels like the person I remember.

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  • Feeling overwhelmed, confused, sad, or anxious?
  • Ever wonder why a problem goes away for a while only to come back again?
  • Having difficulty feeling confident and clear about important decisions?
  • Want to feel more worthy of love and build relationships you can count on?
  • Need someone to talk to who will listen and help?
  • Feeling Isolated and alone and need support and someone to champion with you through this difficult time?
  • Having difficulty learning how to work through what injured you emotionally and embrace what makes you unique and different?
  • Get to that creative genius inside and learn how to fully embrace the confidence in your talents
  • It is possible to find strength where you feel insecurities and doubts and feel connected in these changing times

Seeking the right kind of help is the key to building the trust and confidence to take your next step toward creating the life that you want.

Finding someone to talk to who gets you, speaks your language and also offers concrete steps to help you gain a new sense of direction isn’t always easy to find. I want you to know that true happiness is attainable when you are willing to face the issues that are standing in your way. My goal is to be your mirror and help you see what you can’t see on your own so you can be the best version of your self.

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Shantel Daniels, MA
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.
Helping you prosper in your relationships and your life
Specializing in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)
Graduate of Pepperdine University

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