emotionally focused Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy is a timeless investment: it elevates your ability to be boss in forming lasting relationships.

You were secure, confident, and more successful emotionally?

Our uniqueness, distinct personality, and way of being in the world can be expressed in ease. When completing tasks or sitting with the people you value and care about, your ability to communicate and feel heard and connected should be the norm, not the exception. You can know exactly how you need to respond to any situation when you are secure.

Let me show you what it can feel like in a collaboration that focuses on making authentic and non-anxiety provoking connection a part of your reality.  Take a look and select the item that your life needs now...

The quality of our life is enhanced by the emotional quality of our relationships, and extends from the one we have with ourselves... a path on your personal growth journey that can go so far without it. Experience in how to get you there matters, and an understanding of how to navigate emotions, anxieties, and self-defeating thoughts and dilemmas.

developing Emotionally Fulfilling Relationships

For Couples, Singles, and Organizations Looking To Strengthen Connection and Culture

How are you doing here?

Need Help Getting to A Place Where You're More Heard, Empowered and Steady?

Perhaps you're at a place where you can't afford to invest more time and energy in relationships or teams but are getting little in return?

Perhaps your words just aren't getting through and you wonder if there's a better way to get your voice heard and needs met?

Perhaps you want to develop more confidence and security than fear and insecurity?

Maybe you have come to realize that you need more tools and understanding about how to connect with and better understand how to talk about what you really see as a problem or need?

Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples:

Get Closer:

Couples Therapy:
Initial Investment starting at $180/60 Minute Session
$200/75 minute session
Double Session and intensive Couples Sessions: Please inquire
Assessment Period: 1 Couples Assessment Session, 2 Individual Sessions, An additional 1-2 Couples Sessions
Continued Couples Work: Weekly Couples Session at a designated Scheduled time to secure a private time to focus exclusively on each other
Personalized Emotionally Connecting Exercises To Help Support Your Emotional Closeness In Between Sessions
A Monthly Check-in To evaluate our progress toward your goal

Hold Me Tight: Couples Workshop

What A Difference A Workshop Can Make That has a Personalized Touch:

In This Workshop You Will Learn:
What your Attachment Style is 

How your attachment style influences your ability to connect

The Impact of Culture on A Relationship

How to stop the growth of disconnection in your relationship

How to take what frustrates you and use it to fuel your connection

How to Forgive and build Trust & Security

How to close the entry way to interactions that leave you feeling alone and having to withdraw.

 Develop more effective ways of helping each other become partners who can face their dilemmas head on and conquer them together,

How To Thrive As A Single

Individual Session: 
75-90 Minute Sessions available: Inquire Within
Assessment Sessions: First 4 Sessions
Continue Sessions Weekly/Bi-weekly
Personalized Exercises to increase support during sessions
Investment Starting at $165/40 min $180/60 min.
$200/75 min.

Are you A Successful Entrepreneur or Business Professional Thriving in your Work Life and Would Like to Gain Success in your Love Life? This Is For You...

Individual Session: 60 Minutes $175
75 Minutes/$200
90 Minute Sessions available: Inquire Within
Assessment Sessions: First 4 Sessions
Continue Sessions Weekly
Personalized Exercises to increase support during sessions

Build Strong Unified Teams and increase connection in work culture

Investment Starting at $3500
Workshops/Planning And Strategy Sessions
*Overcoming Barriers to Workplace Diversity and Communication
*Collaboration to Strengthen Organizational Culture
*Triage & Evaluation of Work Culture
*Steps For Implementation
*Inclusion & Representation

 “Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.”
- Maya Angelou

4 Day Online Couples Intensive:

Strengthening your Emotional Connection Can Be One Of The Best Things You Do For Your Relationship. For Couples Who Find It More Effective & Efficient to attend a designated time to commit to instead of  weekly sessions, This Intensive Is For You.

Investment Starting at $3500

Who is This Intensive designed for?
*Couples Who Need Change Now
*Couples In A Crisis
*You're Not Getting Along and It's Not Getting Any Better
*Couples Ready To Make A Change In Their Relationship.
Couples Ready To Access Their Closeness And Looking To Spark Their Affection
Couples Seriously Considering Divorce or Separation & Are Willing To Work Through The Hard Place Together
*Couples Considering Divorce, yet want to give their relationship a chance
*Recovering From Infidelity In Your partnership

Why Is This Intensive Worth The Investment?
Couples who come ready to own their part and ready to do what it takes to address their challenges can often reach their goals in a shorter period of time.  If the relationship you're looking to mend and strengthen is important to you to save, there may be many things that make that true for you (Keeping Your Family and Marriage Intact, the belief that you have something worth saving). 

 With a Stronger Bond, you can become a team and partnership.

Take the Opportunity to Be The Partners That Make Each Other and Their Relationship Your Greatest Priority and Strengthen The Emotional Bond Between You.  Let Me Help You Get There.

Find the Package That fits best:

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Single Ladies Succeeding In Love
Acquire The Insight Of A Dating Expert

Investment Starting at $875
This Master Class is for the woman who are ready to take on her dating life like a pro.  Join me in this master class to be boss in your dating life and reclaim your time and ability to stand in love rather than fall away from who you truly are and the love connection you truly want and need.

I show you not only how to develop a keen sense of awareness about who is really in front of you, I guide you through difficult dilemmas and help you spot red flags, so that you don't get caught up in a relationship that has all the potential and falls short of delivering real emotional security and the ability for real partnership that meets your needs.

Join us. I got you!

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Workshop: Multi-cultural experience- diverse Women & MEn MOVING THROUGH THE WAVES OF CULTURE

We Often do our best relating when we do our best loving. Join me in tearing down the walls that separate and in building understanding about our sameness and difference.

Let me walk with you through the hidden places of trauma, cultural dilemmas, guilt, and shame. Their remnants can often hide in the dark places within us and the unexplored. I welcome walking through these places with you through this master class. 

After the workshop, consider being a part of a diverse cultural group experience.

Looking forward to chatting with you.

"Holding Space" Group Coming Soon (A group Designated for African American Women seeking solace and healing from cultural wounds and displacement)

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Children can bring the greatest  joy and a quiet chaos to any parents life, yet they also need the kind of beginning that can nurture them for a lifetime. The power of attachment can be a force in any relationship. And knowing how to bridge the dilemmas of  connection can help you not only build a strong bond with your children, it can set them up for the kind of secure attachment that helps them find their way to themselves and who they were made to be and do.

Let me show you the way to connection in parenting. Your family and your home can be the safest most  place of your existence.

I love love, and I love being a part of building strong families with children who know they can count on loving connection.

Attachment in parenting

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GRAced- A Group for African American Woman Seeking Solace & Support $60/week & 100 mINUTES OF SOUL TIME

I started this group in honor of a special lady (YOU) and every single woman who could use a place to catch her breath, strengthen her voice, and find the support she needs access to NOW.

I have been fortunate to have beautiful women in my life whom I feel loved and supported by.  Every woman should have that. Although this kind of support and connection hasn't always been that way. I know the importance of having a safe and welcoming place to keep growing and developing as a woman and a force in a world where you not only need to be heard, you need to be vulnerable and really connect.  We all do. You are so right in your pursuit and I look forward to walking with you and creating space for you to expand into ALL OF YOU.

Group Starting June 15, 2021
(Limited to 10 extraordinary ladies)

Lets build intimacy and good support. You need the support of your sisters.

Starting Investment $875

Revitalized Endings Workshop

Investment Starts At $875 for 7-9 Hours Together.
I always Overdeliver.

When Your relationship has come to it's ending, by your desire or at the request of your partner, there can seem like there is no clear way to find your way back to yourself and clear mind, heart, or future that excites you.  The promise of a purposeful path to a good ending can almost seem like a fantasy more than a reality that is attainable.

Join me on a journey of self-discovery that can help you set yourself free from the past and on course to a more secure and steady emotional future. It is possible to love again, IF that is what YOU want. I can help you get to where it is you want to go, yet in this workshop, it is possible for you to see your ending in a new way and work through the pain or confusion of the relationship that may or may not seem like a loss to you.

This is NOT A workshop for The Faint At Heart, Yet for Those Ready To Do Battle To Reclaim Their Own Heart & Peace Of Mind

Therapies I practice & Offerings

This Practice Encourages Self Love & Loving Connection:
Click Here To Learn more about the types of Therapy I practice and How I Collaborate With You To Inspire It...

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