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I was a gifted child. As I matured, I worked diligently to become a gifted listener. I've always been interested in knowing why we as people do the things that we do. And let's face it, what we don't know, we struggle to put into practice. We know when we know. And gaining that experience with someone well-versed in relationship speak, often helps things make sense in a matter of moments rather than years.

Shantel Daniels Full Service Practice was sparked by an ever-growing curiosity about how to develop quality connection between people & cultures. I believe our unique voice can help us stand in our greatest authenticity and achieve relational success—creating connection and a collaboration that delivers in every step of your client experience,

This is where my passion comes to life, in showing up with love for this work and you with a genuine interest. You will know that I'm listening. And we will work together to find the solutions to your relationship, personal, or business dilemmas. The life that is more aligned, more authentic, and feels true to you awaits. Lets get hitched and set our intention to do our best work together.

 I believe the best ways to bridge our differences is to access our true voice and courage & although vulnerability may not seem necessary, it is the very thing that makes us most connected and human. Your priority will be mine in every step of your client experience

I'm Shantel

Relationship & Culture Whisperer, Workshop Facilitator, Writer, Peony "Enthusiast"

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Entered Pepperdine University Graduate Program - Education and Psychology & Have since been trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Group Therapy/Facilitation & A Host of Trauma informed Therapies and more...

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Peony Enthusiast:

I love Peonies.  They usually bloom on a stem of 5. I imagine them already attached, already poised to  grow together. So delicate, They stand together and yet hold solitude gracefully. Just stunning.

A Lover of Musing

There are many ways to be inspired to create, yet when I'm inspired by my the muse of writing and divine inspiration, I find myself on the greatest adventures meeting some pretty authentic people or making more room for creative moments. That's what being open to new experiences has offered me. Beautiful play and connection.

Dance & Movement Fuel Me:

I love dance and movement. If I feel the music or the moment, there's no doubt I'm on my feet in motion, creating a moment of my own. Or in some free-spirited way, taking the moment in. I live for those times.

 And rarely do I miss my favorite ballet company when they are nearby. Perhaps next time i'll have to experience them abroad. I love love love dance & culture

Whimsical Adventurer:

I see the sunshine as a canvas. The outdoors a place to adventure. Whether I'm hiking, bonfire ready, or just pulling over to take in a new part of an old city or new one, the fun part is being in the moment, all planning aside. 

Books...Books, and More Books

I've always had this fascination with books and learning. Being a gifted child probably had a lot to do with that and the fact that I naturally enjoy sharing my discoveries. And I see stories as a way of expressing the creative part and in enriching life and connection.

And I love occasionally getting a little fancy and enjoying the imagination in the moment I get to create.

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As a kid, I had no idea what tender love looked like. My parents were married for 40 years and I never once saw them be affectionate with one another. I did see them do things for one another. My father went to work and my mother tended to the kids. And I wondered what happiness looked like between two people. I knew I felt happy when I stood next to my father and he worked on cars. The only thing was, working on cars was far different than working on or being in a relationship. 

I took note when my father worked on cars to get them in their best running condition. I learned the importance of keeping the oil changed and fluids maintained. And I learned which sounds signaled which part needed repair. The squeak or new noise I heard when I started the engine was signaling me that a problem was arising before the part would eventually stop working. A relationship has signals of its own when it’s starting to falter: Emotional disconnection and lack of affection or care are the signals that a relationship is in trouble. Back then, I never knew signals that a relationship was failing. I did at least know that for a car. I was able to drive, yet struggled to stay connected.

Relationships were off my father’s radar, and when I asked what I should be looking for in a partner, he told me, “If you like em', I love em'. I needed more direction than that, and through the years, I learned so did others. He honestly gave me the best advice he had. In my heart, I knew that. 

"Helping Couples, Singles, and Organizations unhinge themselves from inauthentic monotonous living, for connection that gets them excited to get up in the morning"
                                                       - Shantel

Much like you know with those you may be seeking advice from. I discovered that when it came to relationships, many were as stalled as I was and had questions about what to look for, how to have one, and how to repair them. They were filled with more questions than answers. More guesses than solutions.

I persisted to find practical answers for you and me, and turn being clueless about love and connection into a thing of the past. Now I have answers, and practical solutions to relationship dilemmas. I became the expert in what use to be one of my most confusing subjects. 

And now I help couples find custom solutions to the dilemmas they face. We collaborate to create actionable steps to move from conflict to the kind of connection you can rely on and trust.

When it comes to relationships, winging it can never be a long-term solution Everyone traveling in the circle of relationship needs to know not only the thing that signals a problem – they also need to know how to get to the core of the issue and back to experiencing more loving connection. And a relationships full potential. I now know what this feels like in abundance. And I enjoy helping clients and people just like you develop your own loving connections.

why i'm passionate about Helping People and organizations show up authentically

Southern Belle who made California home years ago and literally an enthusiast of making all things beautiful in their time. I'm well practiced at it. And can't wait to help you succeed.


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