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Owner & Therapist/Relational Expert

I'm Shantel

You don't have to wish for love to be saved any longer. You really can work to mend it. Repair the hurts between you. Strengthen your love.

Envision your life filled with abundant love. Love so big it leaves you in awe...Imagine being able to hold it, touch it, and be right there. What are you feeling? What is it like to stand right in the midst of abundant love? Who is standing with you?
You searched for this page for one reason. You persist. You are not the kind of person who gives up.

When you look at your love life, you don’t say, “well, I guess I’ll have to learn to live without love and connection or being close to my partner…” You believe you were meant to be partnered with someone for purpose, to experience real love, laughter, joys, and pains with someone special to you, to give someone the love in your heart bursting to be shared, and partnership is where you get to inspire and share your vision for serving our world, perhaps even where you create a family and live your best life.

You landed on this page not by accident, you are READY for MORE. Because nothing in your life plays small, you see an exciting and fulfilling life with love... with support, the next week, month, and years could be very different. I’m here to show you the way there.

"If you or your partner are stuck in a sea of competing emotions, or if you need someone to help you sort out conflicts and inner turmoil and pain, Shantel is the right therapist for you. She is a compassionate person and she has based her Couples work on the Emotionally Focused therapy model developed by Sue Johnson. This model emphasizes compassion and connection. It helps to uncover emotional fears and needs. She has an intense belief in her work and this belief is supported by her skills and expertise. They combine to make her an outstanding therapist. Working with Shantel, you will experience growth and unimagined success. Shantel is dedicated to helping you get the results you desire. 

Florence C. - Marriage and Family Therapist

 "Shantel Cares about the quality of work she does with clients. I know because I know about the level of preparation and training she acquires & the person she is"

"If you spend even a few minutes with Shantel, you'll know that she was born to be in this line of work. She has a warm, welcoming personality that makes her so easy to talk to. And she has clear passion for helping people connect as well as the knowledge and skillset to make a difference. You'll be glad you reached out to her!" 
  Juliana W.





"I can't say enough about Shantel.  She is a woman of integrity, full of life, and a good person who does incredible work,"

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Board Member 2019-2020

Experienced Facilitator:Group & Personalized Couples Workshops

Shantel Daniels Practice Supports the efforts of No Kid Hungry

Clinical Connections Speaker on the topic of Attachment-Connection/Alumni

I’m Shantel Daniels, owner, licensed therapist, Dynamic Facilitator, relationship expert, and a lover of love and connection for male and female entrepreneurs and organizations dedicated to kick starting their emotional and relational lives with healthier strategies that get them to the lives they feel their most authentic and capable selves in. And Couples Ready To Remove The Barriers In Their Relationship And Reclaim Their Loving Affection. Culture is KING, and when we can navigate culture whether that be in the individual, couple, organization, or parenting lane, you can live your most authentic, secure, and empowering life.

In 2008, I enrolled in Pepperdine University and now use the wisdom of 5 decades of living and tons of advanced clinical training in Emotion Focused and Trauma Focused Therapy to help people find the part of them that brings them more to life and capable of identifying and securing relationships that allow them to get the feels and their needs met. You and your relationships deserve to reach their full potential.

Shantel Daniels Full Service Private Practice is dedicated to helping people learn about the power of loving connection and how to take healing for your life to the next level, one that allow you to use ALL OF YOUR Strengths and Creativity, and OWN YOUR LIFE AND EMOTIONS instead of taking a back seat to them. I know it’s like to struggle to find security and answers to dilemmas that can keep life on hold and in a holding pattern for years. And I want you to get to your happy ending and find loving connections that are fulfilling now instead of years later.

You Are why I'm Here:

While noticing the pitfalls of corporate climbing, I noticed I’d rather be helping people find more secure love than competition. I had a turning point in 2008 when my mom died. I was young, gifted, and black, overcoming the dilemmas of race and culture while pursuing a theology degree. While on a field trip to a counseling center, I fell in love with the idea of helping people find security and a better way of living from the inside out.

When the lane  changed:

A Decision that changed everything:

I know if you do the work now and stay committed to the process of growing emotionally, life can become clearer and you can feel like more of yourself. And I get filled with joy knowing I can be a guiding light to you and collaboratively help you find your way to not only your best life, rather to the life that brings the kind of FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT you have been searching for far far too long.

Together, we have all that we need to start turning the tide of your life. And if we need a little more, I have my ninja moves and love for creativity that can bring in arsenal of good super solutions through your hard work and our collaboration. It is possible to find your rhythm and your new and empowering direction. Let me help you get there.

Discover your possibilities:

You can thrive at life and relationships that matter to you.  And you can find your greatest strength and self in the process.

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