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concerned. worried

Everything and everyone has a limit. Even the amount of time your and your significant other stay in conflict can cause worries that this could be the breaking point. Let me help you do the work to repair what aches between you. It is possible to find resolution and repair when you least expect it. Let me show you the way through your worries and to resolution.  Your happiness and time are too important to be spinning your wheels or in mental and emotional exhaustion.

Frustrated. Defeated

When you don't know what to do to get out of battles that leave you frustrated and without the know how of how to get through to each other, conflict is inevitable. It's time you leaned how to use what frustrates you to help pull you through and land your words confidently, lovingly. and authentically.

I'm on my own

When you're not together or on the same page, you feel worlds apart.  You can feel on your own wishing you knew how to turn the page and get close again. Let's find the bridge to understanding and help you get excited again to be back on the same team.  

tell me i'm wrong and you aren't feeling...

waiting too long to repair hurts can build resentment. this can be a hard place to bounce back from Without Support

How Can I Be Here For You?

Often times although our hearts have good intention, what we say and do can often come out in a way we don't intend.  Our partner often feels the impact and so do we. In those moments both partners can feel like what they are saying or what they need doesn't matter.  Sometimes in fact that isn't the case at all.


it doesn't have to be like that

Feeling like you are closer than ever and know one another better than anyone.

Having the best conversation you've had in months sharing all of your words like a boss with vulnerability & confidence.

To feeling confident you can face any conversation between you and not hold back truth fearing consequences. Able to be all of you and your partner able to be all of them.

to thriving by doing this...

Feeling like you're losing your best friend, feeling disconnected, scared, and invisible.

Feeling like you're overthinking every word and finally crafting one perfect sentence you hope lands well.

Feeling like you're growing apart and disinterested in caring or stepping up to fix challenges between you. Feeling like you failed yourself and your babe again.

just imagine going from...


are you ready?


"If you spend even a few minutes with Shantel, you'll know that she was born to be in this line of work. She has a warm, welcoming personality that makes her so easy to talk to. And she has clear passion for helping people connect as well as the knowledge and skillset to make a difference. You'll be glad you reached out to her!"
J. W.

What Others Are Saying:

Many of my clients move from a connection based on chemistry to a stronger, emotional connection after our work together.  Each couple has their own path to secure love, and the couples that see the best results put in the work and come to therapy and the experience willing to learn about themselves and their partner and take the risks needed to repair their love. It is possible for you if you put in the work to heal and decide that doing the work to stay together is what you want. 

I love working with couples who come ready to do the work to repair their love.  You can feel the intention to do the work and see their effort. I bring all that I have to help them get to where they are looking to go.

Relationships and connection are in my wheelhouse. There's a reason for every emotion. What you've been experiencing may not always make you feel good, yet I have never met a couple who weren't surprised by the emotional reasons why they feel as they do. Couples often have new ways of understanding their dilemmas. Strengthen your love, understand how to give one another what you need, & start enjoying your life.  Turn on your computer and pull up a chair and your favorite latter or tea, and let's get to work.

benefit Three


Many times it helps to have someone more passionate about love as you are about saving it. A guide who has experience in places you don't can often help you make loving a real reality. Relationships and connection are my jam, and I have advanced training and life experience you can draw from. Other couples have struggled just like you. With hard work and a willingness to learn, many couples can have an extraordinary life together. I will be right there guiding you through.

benefit Two


Your relationships deserve to have ease in communication, excitement, and the sound of your words coming from your own voice. You deserve to get to be you and still have loving connection. That's the reason why I get to know you first, what's important to you, ask what you are looking for from me. I want to be clear on where you want to go and help you do the work to get there.  And since I love helping couples get to the love that connects them, I'm ready to collaborate to get you your win.

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Let's chat results. Here's what you can expect!

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Practicing The right MOves: Getting Closer  


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The Breakdown

Emotional Disconnection & Lack of Affection Are The Tell-Tale Signs That A Relationship IS In Trouble


It Is Possible To Get Back To The Fun And Enjoyment In Your Life And See An Incredible future That Is Also Sustainable

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I love being close in heart and in harmony, and somehow spending time with people brought moments of disconnection and conflict I had no tools to change. I always wanted love rather than avoidance, connection rather than feeling left out, and I often chose books and spending time with people over solitude. I loved feeling how life could instantly change when love entered the space and access to someone important to me could be attainable.

Entering into the field of psychology was a no brainer for me. People had generally been something I was curious about, especially coming from a background in Corporate America where peoples behavior and reasons for using connection didn't jive for me. Nor did it jive in other parts of my life and relationship history. Relationships use to slip through my fingers and be just out of reach. A part of me knew it wasn't all me, yet I was somehow a part of the equation. I wanted to find how to really open my heart to love and connection and show others how to do the same.

With experience and a masters degree in Education & Psychology from Pepperdine University and years of clinical experience within me, I have plenty to draw from to guide my clients from a place of scarcity in love to a whole other level of happy. And for each couple, single, or organization, I know the path to that connection can be easier.

I've learned from my own relationships and past mistakes, and learned to create a life I love. And I would be honored to help you create a life you love too.

I'm shantel. Educator and Relationship & Connection Specialist here to help you take love and connection to the next level.

hey there!

Love is a powerful and wonderful thing. And when people love each other from a place of authenticity and vulnerability a strong bond and connection emerges. Finding out the ins and outs of love and how to stay connected takes some doing when you don't know all the steps. Shantel Daniels Full service practice exists to meet the needs of many couples, singles, and organizations that could make use of a guide who travels in the lane of relationship and has meaningful connections and the ability to help you forge them too.

It's an honor to walk alongside clients who want MORE from themselves and the relationships that are important to them. It's such a joy helping clients find their balance and get into sync with the people and environments that make them feel even more alive and energized to be all of who they were meant to be. I could do this forever. I love it that much.

D & O

" Shantel over delivered her time which was appreciated. We are a non-conventional couple and that aspect of our relationship was taken into consideration. One of the main takeaways is that we have decided to give our relationship a chance. After several years of going back we made a decision to give US a chance. We have always loved each other and we are committed to making our love grow. We are communicating better than ever and loving each other daily."

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The Hold Me Tight Conversation putting PLay And Vulnerability into practice


Oh The Affection: Let's Talk About sex Baby  


The Path To Forgiveness

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You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Show Kindness To One Another:

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Absolutely. It is always your choice as to whether you would like to be a part of any event I offer and couples can often pick up something different as well as continue to deepen their love.

You don't have to wait until you and your partner find yourselves in a difficult place in your relationship before you attend.  I recommend growth at any time, and each time I do a workshop, I ask for feedback from couples and always look to improve. Often times, if you have a workshop scheduled in advance, you can stay in a growth process and not have to miss a beat in keeping your love strong. I offer group and personalized workshops throughout the year, so if you miss one, another will be starting shortly after that. And i always have a little surprise up my sleeve when it comes to ways to keep strengthening your love. Keep an eye out for my love and desire workshop.  It's coming soon... It will be tailored to the needs of couples seeking to build strong bonds in sexual intimacy

If we have been to your workshop before, can we attend again?

Absolutely. Yes! You will have to work for it. NO Worries.  I got you! And some couples can find that the workshop can be a kick-ass compliment to couples therapy.

When a lot of couples hear that working on their relationship, they hear the fun being sucked right out of it. Not if it's done right. Let me help you see the excitement in the journey of love, rather than like watching paint dry or like hard labor.

Is it possible to build or restore an emotional connection?

As a Therapist, we aren't allowed to make guarantees. YET I guarantee you this question is on most couples minds. Every couples will have moments where they disagree. BUT if you want to be be able to take what frustrates you and use it to fuel compelling and engaging conversation that brings you to awfully good life moments, this workshop is for you. Take control of your life back and find each other in the conversation. I can help you do that.

Will The Workshop put an end to our lovers quarrels?

Any Couples experiencing Domestic Violence, Self-Harm (Cutting, Suicidal Behavior, Hallucinations, Severe Grief, or Severe Mental Illness. If you need help getting connected to A Mental Health/Wellness Professional Please Let Me Know.  I Have a Host Of Colleagues I Would Be More Than Happy To Get You connected To.

Are There Any Couples Who workshop is NOT for?

The Personalized Couples workshop is 6 hours.

The Group workshop takes place within 12 hours.

In Each Workshop, I ALWAYS Overdeliver In Time And Teaching. I love working with couples and want to make sure you have all that you need to be successful & Continue To Grow Your Love.

How many hours is the personalized Couples Workshop and the group workshop

Making Love. Not War. If momma ain't happy, nobody's happy.  And sometimes Papi ain't happy either. You deserve to be happy in all senses of the word. Being the center of your partners time and affection can make you feel on top of the world.  See me, I see you, and when we see each other, making loving connection is a lot more exciting than finding excuses.

Learn together how to emotionally connect. It can build the kind of closeness that excites you. Your best love making days should have every reason to begin again now.

You'RE ready For...

Have Questions? I've got answers.


I Love LOVE.  I love teaching and facilitating, And I love helping couples make the shifts needed to love well, because we are all at our best when we feel loved. I get so filled with joy knowing I can be a part of you loving each other better, because when people learn how to love better, they often strive to maintain this new way of loving.

I Believe that couples CAN Do better if they know what is really getting in the way of their love. And those who come to the workshop, I know there is a great possibility that they will understand too and start enjoying each other more as a result.

"Shantel was wonderful. She provided a warm and open space for all this to take place in. She took time with each couple through each assignment that was given. When a couple was really struggling, she took the time to focus on just them and try to help them through. Those couples were so lucky. I didn't feel like any of my time was taken away by that. I give Shantel a 10/10!”


“We absolutely feel closer. Since the workshop we haven't had any funky moments, and that's a huge win for us. There were times that we could pick at something really small, even just once a day. But since the workshop, we are very focused at making this work a habit. “

"We got a lot out of the workshop and feel closer because of it. Thank you for helping us put a name to what was getting in the way of our relationship and guiding us through the conversations" You really set the tone from the beginning and we could tell you cared about everyone in that room" Seriously life-changing."

You have the desire to give and receive love. It's inside of you. You need someone to help you bring it out. Let me help you see what is holding you back from your greatest love story so that you can be all of you in the relationship that can fully contain it.

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