About Me: 

I know the feeling that there must be so much more to life than experienced just yet.

You keep feeling this nudge telling you that there’s so much more to life than you’re actually experiencing.

The truth is, there is more, much more…

As a woman of color, your challenges are unique.  I have faced these challenges myself.

I know you  have experienced the huge effect that our early relationships have on us. If we don’t identify and address the patterns of our childhood, they will continue to frustrate us.

We will find ourselves spinning our wheels, hoping that next time will be different, but doing so without the tools to create our new life.

As a therapist and professional woman, I realize you have taken the journey you are struggling to navigate. You have wondered if you would catch up to your potential. If you would ever figure out how to get the right balance of love and support while pursuing my dreams, you have a feeling you would be even further along. I can help you bring clarity to what you experienced in your life and use that clarity and experience to start the process of transforming your life from the inside out. Therapy is nothing to fear with the right therapist. One who can understand your obstacles and guide you past them.  One who promotes a healthy sense of self, and a new feeling of purpose, fulfillment and being truly alive.
The recovery and healing from these and other types of emotional distresses is a big reason as to why my specialty revolves around women of color due to the unique experiences and challenges that affect them. I'm good at seeing and helping clients navigate the harsh realities of culture, race, the injuries of early experiences from family, past and present relationships, and the stress and pressures that accompany life as a woman. When this happens, it can be very helpful to have someone understand your experience and to have a place that allows you to freely express personal difficulties. You get to rest and let someone focus on you and what you need and finally get the support you need to sort through your life and create the life you deserve. The prevalent feeling in the community is that you should be strong. I say you don't have to  carry the load alone. If you choose, you can share it with me and  longer, and finally have a place to do your own healing, become more alive, and start to create the life and relationships that nourishes you.
Why I got into this work: The Beginning As far back as I can remember i’ve found myself in conversations and hearing people say they felt listened to, sometimes heard for the first time. Only then, I wasn’t a therapist.  I was someone at the beach walking down the pier or standing in a concert line and the next thing I knew, words were exchanged and conversations started. Someone felt connected. So did I. When I decided to start grad school and pursue counseling professionally, I had been working in corporate america trying to navigate, the tricky waters of professional relationships.   There was something about talking with people one on one or in a small group that really clicked for me. And there was something about understanding why people hurt each other so much and threw people under the bus or pushed them out of view.   I decided to apply to grad school. I knew what it was to not be listened to and I knew what it was to be heard fully, without judgment and with great acceptance and love.   I wanted more of that and I wanted to be able to help people know that in addition to that I had really learned how to help them find who they really are and get in touch with what makes them come alive.   To let people know that childhood matters, and that just like me they could survive their emotional injuries just as I had and become secure, confident, and free. You can get ahead and get out of your own way.  The challenges of your past only control you when you don’t understand them and i’m here to help you do the work to move through what confuses and stops you. Therapy and my spiritual life saved me. As young adult growing up in the inner city, I was exposed to many elements that I was protected from by a wise and protective mother and my story was just beginning to be written.. Each and every therapist I saw helped me in a unique and transformative way. Each one had a superpower that helped me feel seen, heard, and heal a little bit more. Due to my amazing healing I’ve become your biggest fan. I’m committed to helping you connect with you in a new way and be your best self and get the love you need. Every client that walks through my door means someone is getting the support they need. Even though we haven’t met in real life yet, I can’t wait to meet you.. And thanks for taking a minute to stop by.  It means something that you landed here. I imagine you’ve been searching for something good for yourself for a while.  You can rest now. You’re in the right place. More than anything i’d love to see how I can be helpful to you.  Listen to you. Hear your heart. Help you uncover the layers and complexities of your experiences and move your life forward.   Help you feel more confident and alive. I’m doing it! I set out to help clients get their lives back and it’s working. Give me a call today and let’s start a conversation.  I’d be interested to hear your story. Click on the appointment button and schedule a time to meet. I can help you get your life back on track and make room for the life you can finally start to imagine for yourself.    You can request your free 15 minute phone consultation or call. I will call you back within 3 hours if you call me by 5pm today. It would be beyond amazing to help be the therapist to work with you as a couple or woman of color.  You are the client that makes my heart sing to be able to work with you. So happy you’re here. Welcome! And I hope today is a better day for you.
Read about my Education and Experience: I graduated from Pepperdine University in 2012 and am a licensed marriage and Family therapist developing in the field since 2010. I am also trained in pre-marital counseling and pursuing advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, and other modalities. My undergraduate studies were at Biola University in Organizational Leadership. Working with couples and women of color is my specialty and I enjoy this work so much. It brings me joy knowing I can be helpful in someone’s struggle to get their life back on track and transform it into something quite beautiful. It’s amazing to watch that transformation..   Peace, Shantel                    
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