About Me: 

I know the feeling that there must be so much more to life than experienced just yet.

You keep feeling this nudge telling you that there’s so much more to life than you’re actually experiencing.

The truth is, there is more, much more…

As a woman, your challenges are unique.  I have faced these challenges myself and come through them.

I know you have experienced the huge effect that our early relationships have on us. If we don’t identify and address the patterns of our childhood, they will continue to frustrate and stall our progress.

You will find yourself spinning your wheels, hoping that next time will be different, but doing so without experience to create your new life.

So what have I experienced that can be helpful to you?

I have experienced the huge effect that our early relationships have on us and found the security within myself that helps me live my best life and relationships. I have learned through my training to help you understand what frustrates and stalls you and help you work through it.

As a therapist and professional woman, I have taken the road you are struggling to navigate. Whether that means building healthy relationships, navigating career and life transitions, and more…I have wondered if I would catch up to my potential. If I would ever figure out how to get the right balance of love and support while pursuing my dreams. Yes, it is possible. Life can be different in the midst of and on the other side of the struggle, because the struggle is very real. 

I can help you bring clarity to what you experienced in your life and use that clarity and experience to start the process of transforming your life from the inside out.

Therapy is nothing to fear with the right therapist, although anything new can hold some uncertainty and apprehension or fear.  fear of the unknown is real.   You  can understand your experiences and interactions and we can successfully navigate through them together.  One who promotes a healthy sense of emotional freedom.


I graduated from Pepperdine University in 2012 with an M.A. in Education and Psychology with an emphasis on marriage and family therapy.  My undergraduate degree comes from Biola University where I earned a B.A. in Organizational Leadership.

Since, I have gained additional training in Prepare/Enrich to help Premarital Couples strengthen their relationship prior to marriage and am training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to help couples strengthen their marriage or relationships.

What you will find in working with me is that I use human language to engage clients and don’t spend time dabbling in therapeutic lingo that leaves clients wondering what i’m talking about.  You and your concerns are important to me and I make sure that I do a thorough assessment, use humor, and do my best to meet clients in their experience without dragging a client along.

Give me a call now or send me an email through this page.  I will respond with a call within 2-4 hours. I welcome hearing from you.



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