Meet Shantel

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Relationship & Singles Expert, Writer, And Resourceful Creative Therapist Committed To Helping You Develop The Kind Of Relationship And Life You Can Get Excited About.  Discover Your Truest Self & Love.

At any time, life can move forward. My Practice is focused on helping Singles and Couples get their lives advancing toward a life that fulfills them, while develop lasting solutions to recurring dilemmas. Creating an empowered and enjoyable life that holds a clear view of your place in the world and your relationship takes collaboration. The parts of us that have been injured emotionally can become more understood and more in sync with our truest selves and best life.

In my practice, I work closely with clients, value their input and experiences, and bring the expertise of years of helping people get closer and more fully connected to themselves and significant others. We do this through emotionally focused conversation. Through this joint effort, we find the solutions that work best for your life and unique way in which you see your truest and most empowered self or partnership connecting in the world. And if additional support is needed (psychiatry, child therapist, or exercises to do in between sessions) it’s important for me to get you connected to the right supportive services to compliment our work together. add another page.