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Meeting someone can be so hard these days. Finding a good partner even harder. You found someone that has become an important part of your world. I’m a couples specialist here to help you and your partner develop ways to strengthen your relationship through the ups and downs of life, stressful times, and understand what gets in the way of you enjoying one another more. And i’ve taken advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to know exactly how to help you though what distances and disconnects you and bring understanding to attachment needs and inuries that can impact how we love.

I’m here to talk with you in a simple and honest way, open up conversations between you that make it safer to express your difficulties and needs. Because it isn’t easy when you’re trying to find the same music to dance to after a long while of feeling disconnected.

When I meet with couples, I generally hear how things between them start off great and chemistry and enjoying activities are a big part of feeling connected. Most couples feel as if their relationship will be the exception instead of the rule and be the one that lasts and lasts without end in this honeymoon and bliss. And when conflicts start to happen in relationships, research shows that couples may delay in getting help simply because they’re just not sure what to do.

You are NOT strange or weird for having challenges in your relationship. Most of us learn by trial and error what to do in a relationship and how to “be” in them.

What I bring to the experience with my clients has a lot to do with who I am personally and the training that i’ve acquired along the way. I persist. Intellectually curious. Sense of Humor. Compassionate. A good listener. Committed to work toward our best outcome. Present. And ive invested in advanced training to specialize in couples work.

I was the kind of student that always had a book in my hand and asked questions to understand fully and then practiced. It wasn’t just about getting the “A” in grad school or being the one to stand out.

I’ve trained to be the kind of therapist that is effective and tuned in to my clients. I’ve studied about trauma and worked through my own.

So with Pepperdine University as my starting ground for developing in my career starting in 2008, I have taken advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples therapy and been immersed in an effective model of couple & individual therapy.

Click on the link below to view an article I wrote entitled: From the Shallow to the Deep End of Love: How EFT Guides to the Deep:


My private practice is in Glendale, CA. You’ll experience the aroma of lightly scented candles and a quiet, peaceful office. Take a look at my office tour to see what you will be walking into. You deserve to know what that looks like.

I welcome any questions you have about how I work, about my training, or education. I generally offer couples a 30 minute FREE 20 minute phone  consultation to ask questions or if you’re ready to make an appointment for a full session, that’s ok too.  Feel free to take a look around and call me with any questions you have.

Even other therapists wonder what it is about couples work that I love so much. For me it’s simple. Couples are simply trying to love one another the best way they know how.

I’ve generally been the kind of person that loves people to get along better. Understand one another better whether that was in corporate america, a non-profit setting, or in my family. I know emotions and conflict are there for a reason, and if they just knew why, and how to get out of it, chances are they would choose to if it felt safe.

Research informs me, and I know there is a reason for your emotions, hurt, and worry and a reason why you pursue your partner for answers or withdraw or go away when things get stressful between you. When we attach, all hell can break loose. And when we attach, it can be one of the most fulfilling things we find.

You deserve to know what’s been eating away at the love you have between you and to feel secure in your love. And if there’s no violence between you, it is possible to do the work together that strengthens your connection and ignites the passion in your relationship.

I’ve worked hard to maintain the relationships I have in my life and my life has evolved in ways that lets me know with certainty that we are better together when we are attached to people and relationships where we feel loved, cared about, and connected.

I’m the kind of person that values communication, Trust, spirituality, collaboration, connection, generosity, and loving well. And I’ve learned in my own life to slow down and listen. That gives me great experience in being able to listen to you.

And if you ask me what I’m thinking, I will tell you. You won’t have to guess.

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Pepperdine University, M.A. Education and Psychology, emphasis on Marriage and Family

Biola University, B.S. Organizational Leadership

Advanced Couples Training:

Emotionally focused Couples Therapy


Hold Me Tight Couples Facilitator


  • GAMHPA, Board Member (Glendale Area Mental Health Psychotherapy Association
  • Local Therapist Collaboration Group
  • ICEEFT – International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • LACEFT – Los Angeles Emotionally Focused Therapy group

Volunteer Work:

  • Operation Gratitude: Make care packages for Soldiers
  • Quilt Making for those in the hospital or Homebound

I also help support colleagues and volunteer at their couples and EFT training events and facilitate group learning. And facilitate Hold Me Tight Couples workshops (Weekend workshops) for couples and singles looking to develop their knowledge of relationships and get better at strengthening them.

Developing spiritually is also important and a practice of faith is daily for me. And my 5:25am alarm clock can attest to that.  I can offer that element to clients who are interested in developing their Christian faith or a practice of faith that is important to them. And I welcome all individuals and couples interested in developing their emotional lives and partnerships.

Shantel Daniels, MA
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.
Helping you prosper in your relationships and your life
Specializing in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)
Graduate of Pepperdine University
201 N. Brand, suite 200 Glendale CA 91203 323-676-1633

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